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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best doctors in Marrakech?

One of the most important things to consider while looking for the best doctor is finding one you can trust, with whom you can communicate well and establish a long-time relationship. In case you have some specific healthcare needs or problems, looking for a specialist is recommended. There are also other factors to consider when looking for the proper specialist. The ideal doctor for you may not be a doctor at all. "Physician-extenders" include nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA). Naturopaths and other alternative and complementary medicine (CAM) practitioners may also be able to assist you.

Regardless of the type of doctor you need, you must be able to communicate with them properly and in a mutually respectful environment. A lack of consideration for your healthcare demands can be a problem in long term and in such a case the doctor may not be the best one for you. Respectful communication necessitates knowledge on the side of both healthcare providers and patients. Make sure you're being referred to the correct type of specialist for your health problem by close collaboration with your primary care provider.

Lastly, make sure to do a little research and ask these essential questions about the healthcare provider:

  • What medical school did they attend?
  • Is he/she/they an expert in the medical treatment you require?
  • What university did the doctor attend after completing his fellowship?
  • Is this doctor a board-certified professional?
  • Are they licenced professionals?

Which are some of the most common types of doctors patients seek out in Marrakech?

Doctors have a critical role in assisting patients in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Patients and doctors must have a healthy interpersonal interaction for a strong healthcare system to exist. Patients need to see a doctor they can trust and feel at ease with, and doctors need to establish a good relationship with their patients. An excellent doctor carefully listens to their patients' concerns and questions and answers all of their questions, encouraging them to do what is best for them, educating them about their illness, keeping them informed about the latest diagnosis and treatments, and providing support and care. Some of the most often sought-after types of doctors in Marrakech include:

  • Cosmetic surgeon
  • Bariatric Surgeon
  • Cardiac surgeon
  • Infertility treatment
  • Dentists
  • Orthopaedist
  • ENT specialist
  • General medicine specialist
  • Urologist

Which are the most popular treatments available in Marrakech?

The hospitals and clinics in Marrakech feature cutting-edge technology, innovative treatments, first-rate facilities, and much more. Most of the facilities have specialised rooms available for patients undergoing major surgery and operations. Some facilities also have a trauma centre that ensures that all bodily injuries are treated and recovered from. The city’s hospital offers a wide range of specialities, but some of them stand out for their superior quality as compared to others. Some of the most popular treatments available in Marrakech are:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology treatments (with top-notch maternity wards)
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Cardiac Sciences
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • ENT
  • General Surgery
  • Infertility
  • Orthopaedic
  • Urology

What are the standards of healthcare offered by hospitals and clinics in Marrakech?

Marrakech’s health care system has been largely covered by the AMO, or 'Assurance Maladie Obligatoire,' since 2005. It is the country's basic medical plan. Despite the fact that it is not a universal system, Marrakech requires all of its residents to have health insurance. Those who aren't well-off can alternatively use a medical assistance scheme known as the RAMED. Both are reliant on Marrakech social aid and the tax system. In terms of social welfare, there is an agreement with France that allows Marrakech people who work for French enterprises to continue to be covered by the French social security and healthcare systems. Additionally, the people of Marrakech have the option to choose private health coverage. Employers in Marrakech are mandated to provide healthcare coverage to all of their employees, allowing them to choose between AMO and private insurance. Patients have to visit the hospitals and clinics around the country themselves for check-ups, testing, and treatments, whether or not they have insurance. The private plans can also be personalized. However, there will be a monthly cost.

What is the level of expertise which is offered by doctors and surgeons in Marrakech?

The quality of care and doctor skill differs greatly across the private and public sectors. In comparison to the public sector, it is significantly better in the private sector. In the private sector, facilities are maintained to a better degree, and there are fewer staff shortages. In the big cities, finding doctors who speak English and French is simple. Many of Marrakech’s doctors attended medical school in France. In Marrakech, family medicine does not exist, and it is general medicine that plays the role of family medicine and is also first-line medicine and primary care. With the help of a healthcare insurance provider or via personal recommendations, a person can choose the doctor or surgeon with the right expertise as per their needs.