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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best doctors in Budapest?

There are plenty of good doctors in Budapest. However in case you are a traveller, it can be pretty hard to find the right healthcare in the city. It is because of various reasons that are specific to the healthcare of the city such as a requirement of a healthcare insurance card. Usually, the patients visit doctors that practice in hospitals near their locality. There are many general practitioners in the city. However, if a person is looking for a disease-specific doctor or a specialist, they may struggle to choose the right care. This is because all the hospitals in Budapest do not offer healthcare speciality services.

A person can find information about various healthcare providers by visiting the providers profile on the country’s Ministry of Health’s portal. The city of Budapest also has departments of accident and emergency for people who want to visit a doctor for serious problems. Sorting out the type of doctor required as per the need of the patient can also make it a lot easier to find the right and best care for them. There are various subspecialties available to choose from. A patient can choose to visit a paediatrician or gynaecologist all based on the need of the hour. After all, the best doctor is the one that’s right for you. One can list down the following to make their search easier:

  • Looking for a specialist: Looking for a specialist for treatment will narrow down the search. For example, one can compile a list of oncologists in Budapest if they are suffering from cancer.
  • Determine doctor preferences: You can further narrow down your search for the right doctor by setting specific preferences. Do you want to visit only board-certified doctors or one who speaks multiple languages? Answering these simple questions can save a lot of time while guiding a patient to the right doctor.

If concerns still persist, one may ask themselves the following additional questions that reflect on their need and priorities and then make their choice. These include:

  • What is the location of the doctor and can you get there easily?
  • Does your insurance care plan cover the hospital where this doctor is available?
  • How long is the waiting time after an appointment?
  • Will the doctor be available in case of an emergency?
  • Does the doctor have friendly behaviour?
Who are some of the best rated doctors in Budapest?

Budapest is a provider of good medical treatments and maintains the highest clinical standards. This makes the city a very easy place to locate good doctors. Online reviews and ratings are also a popular method for people to find the best-rated doctors in Budapest. A best-rated physician is one who matches the treatment preferences and care requirements of a patient. A good doctor is rated so as they provide high-quality treatment, are well-experienced, communicate and understand a patient’s problem in depth. Collectively all of these details make a doctor the best-rated one in the city of Budapest. Some of the best-rated doctors are mentioned below:

Which are some of the most common types of doctors patients seek out in Budapest?

Doctors in Hungary are known around the world for their excellent medical standards and knowledge of modern treatments. The qualifications of Hungarian dentists and surgeons are internationally recognised. The country boasts some of Europe's lowest MRSA rates and offers high-quality, low-cost elective, orthopaedic, cosmetic, and dental operations. Procedures are performed in contemporary, up­to­date clinics in Budapest, which are staffed by internationally trained, English-speaking doctors and surgeons. Budapest is an especially soothing destination to recover following surgery. Some of the most common type of doctors that patients seek out in the city of Budapest are mentioned below:

  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fertility treatment
  • Balneotherapy
  • Neurology treatments
Which are the most popular treatments availed in Budapest?

The city of Budapest offers medical treatment and clinical assistance to many in a variety of fields. They are trained to provide a complete package from preoperative to postoperative care. They also offer check-up programs to help in the early detection of serious diseases and start an early preventative course of treatment for the same. The healthcare system of Budapest is not only famous in the local population but a popular medical-tourism destination for many around the world. Private dentists are preferred by the majority of Hungarians, and dental tourism is on the rise in Hungary because dental treatments cost a fraction of what it costs in Western Europe. Some of the most popular treatments in the city of Budapest are mentioned below:

  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fertility treatment
  • Balneotherapy
  • Neurology treatments
What are the standards of healthcare offered by hospitals and clinics in Budapest?

In Hungary, healthcare is funded through health insurance contributions and is provided free of charge to all those who are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund. Hungary has progressed toward a centralised health-care system in recent years, with most hospitals now reporting to a single body (National Health Care Centre). The majority of the provider capacity is concentrated in the Budapest area, which also houses Semmelweis University, one of Hungary's four renowned medical schools.

The medical infrastructure in Hungary is strong with

  • High Hospital bed counts include 68 acute beds and 42 long-term beds per 10,000 people in the Budapest region.
  • Excellent capacities of trained professionals
  • Good accessibility to healthcare facilities
  • Innovative training initiatives on health policy, planning and financing for professionals
What is the level of expertise which is offered by doctors and surgeons in Budapest?

The doctors in Hungary are well-trained and skilled in their practice. Most doctors speak Hungarian. The level of expertise of the doctor may depend on factors like the level of experience and education they have and the years they have spent in a clinical setting. A patient can specifically look for subspecialty experts for their particular illnesses or go to a general practitioner.