Guidelines for registered users


These user guidelines apply to the use of revU by accessing its public URL This is applicable for all users and registered users.

Any person who has registered himself/herself through the valid procedure on the website and after such registration has availed oneself with any services will be termed as the “registered user”.

We have a policy for the healthcare provider that is governed by the guidelines for the healthcare provider. You can find it here.

What is Review and Rating?

Review and Rating on revU is the real-time event and experience of the registered user with any healthcare provider listed on

When can the Registered User write a review?

To write a review, you need to register yourself first on our website using the valid email address. After the validation of your email-address through the magic link verification.

On successful registration, your account will be created on our website and you will be free to share your experience (medical treatment, consultation, medical opinion, second opinion, surgical or non-surgical) by writing the review and rating for the healthcare provider viz. hospital, clinic, diagnostic center, pharmacy or a doctor that you have directly or on behalf of your family member dealt with.

Registered User acknowledges that the user reviews only reflect the views and opinions of the authors of such Content and do not necessarily reflect the views of revU.

Registered User is prohibited to write any review for the healthcare provider that he/she work for.

Registered User shall not influence any person to register on the website and write any review for any healthcare provider with the intention to get positive reviews or defame any healthcare provider.

Registered User is refrained to register yourself as a user if you belong to any marketing company at any capacity that operates in selling fake reviews.

How many reviews can the user write?

Registered User cannot write more than two (2) reviews in a month. However, the response to the healthcare provider’s acknowledgement by the registered user’s review is not restricted.

What should you write about?

Registered User is only permitted to write your personal experience with any healthcare provider that you have dealt with.

Registered User is also permitted to write a review on behalf of such a family member for whom the registered user is directly responsible as a guardian or parent while dealing with the healthcare provider viz. Hospital/Clinic/Doctor/Diagnostic Center/Pharmacy. A family member can also be referred as (i) Son (ii) Daughter (iii) Brother (iv) Sister (v) Father (vi) Mother (vi) wife (vii) grandfather (viii) grandmother

User reviews must cover the overall experience with the healthcare provider based on the following grounds:

  • Quality of healthcare
  • The expertise of the healthcare provider
  • Ethics of the healthcare provider
  • The infrastructure of the healthcare provider
  • Your experience overall with the operation and administrator office of the healthcare provider

This list would change based on the healthcare provider category and other parameters from time to time.

If you have been offered an incentive (money, gift, promotion, reward, discount or any advantage) by the healthcare provider to write a review even though you have never availed the service of the healthcare provider, the same should be clearly informed and reported to our operations team immediately at [email protected]

You are requested to write the review only for the location of the healthcare provider where you have availed services. Many healthcare providers on our website have multiple locations so choose them carefully before you write a review.

What Registered User prohibited to write?

Registered User is prohibited to write any review of the Healthcare Provider which he/she owns himself/herself directly or indirectly.

Registered User shall not write any review for any direct competitor to the company (also termed as a healthcare provider) you own or you are employed with.

Registered User is prohibited to post any promotional content, advertisements, or any other kind of promotional material.

Registered User shall ensure that the review posted by his/her account is not harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic or libellous in any manner. Further, Registered User should ensure that the review is not invasive of any other person’s privacy, or otherwise contains any elements that are hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable, disparaging, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever.

Registered User shall not write any review that is threatening to the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of any country, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order.

What is Proof of services and when do we ask for it?

Proof of service is the list of documentary evidence that confirms you had availed the services from the healthcare provider for which you had written the review and rating on our website. While registered user is writing a review, we strongly recommend to provide the accurate patient record id, which were assigned to you during your consultation/treatment with the healthcare provider.

In a certain event, we may ask for the additional proof of record from the registered user based on the following events:

  • Healthcare provider raises a flag doubting your existence as the genuine user availing their services
  • Healthcare provider sends us the notification with the request to reconfirm your authenticity

Following are the list of documents that we may request you:

  1. Screen shot of your receipt stating the patient name and the patient id
  2. The screen shot must also clearly have the logo and the name of the healthcare provider

We never ask for any medical reports/scans/images for verification.

The documentary evidence that shares with us are not shared with any third party including the reviewed healthcare provider. We may pass on some of the information for the reference only. However, based on written consent, we may decide to share the aforesaid information.

Can a Registered User edit/update his or her review?

To maintain the authenticity and genuineness of the reviews posted on the website any Registered User is prohibited to edit his/her review.

Can a Registered User delete his or her own review?

We do not allow the Registered User to delete his/her own review. However, we have the permission and the consent to delete any review based on the following grounds:

  1. If we find the review abusive
  2. If we find the review with information about individual’s contact details, financial information, secretive information about politics, country or information of any type that Is not in context of our user terms.
  3. If we find the review fake, illegal
  4. If we find the review not meeting our user guidelines
  5. If we find the review carrying any promotional links/references.

Deletion of Profile

Registered users and healthcare providers can delete their profiles from However, in the event of a registered user deleting their profile from the platform, their reviews will still be active and hence cannot be deleted. These reviews will only be removed from the platform in the following events:

  1. If we find the review abusive
  2. If we find the review with information about an individual’s contact details, financial information, secretive information about politics, country or information of any type that Is not in the context of our user terms.
  3. If we find the review fake, illegal
  4. If we find the review not meeting our user guidelines
  5. If we find the review carrying any promotional links/references.
  6. In the event of a healthcare provider deleting their profile, all data associated with them will be deleted.

When we block your account, we may decide if we want to delete all or some reviews written by you. If you want us to delete your account and reviews, you can write to us at [email protected]

Deleting a blocked account is our decision and we may decide to delete your blocked account anytime without any explanation or prior notification to the user.

Once your account is blocked or deleted, you cannot log in.

Fake or Fabricated Reviews

Our objective is to build and maintain the best in class review community where the Registered Users write their trusted reviews/experience with the healthcare provider, which benefits the consumer, and empower them taking the right healthcare decision.

We use technology intervention and human intervention to ensure each review that is written on our platform is non-biased and true to its experience. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any fake or fabricated reviews.

We consider the creation of fabricated reviews a material breach of the Terms & Conditions you accept when you create a user profile and account on our Website.

If you have evidence that a review is fabricated, please notify us immediately on our email [email protected]

We consider all the flags, reports, and notification of fake or fabricated issue very seriously. It is difficult so we request you to provide us with all the evidence and documents to show why you believe a review is fake or fabricated.

Threats against our employees and companies

We don\'t accept threats against or abuse to our employees. Further, we do not accept any monitory compensation from anybody in return for posting fake reviews, editing reviews, removing any review.

We cannot accept such behavior and if we come across any such material breach of our user terms agreed upon between us and the user, we may decide to report this to the relevant authorities for the appropriate action to safeguard our company and our employees and all the stakeholders.


We remain committed to providing the healthcare community with the most trusted review system to benefit the consumers and the healthcare providers. Each one in the ecosystem gets the benefits of this true system. The healthcare provider gets better visibility of their service standards and the consumer gets to learn from the other consumer experience that has dealt with the respective healthcare provider in the most recent past. This helps in building a community of consumers seeking the tested and trusted healthcare provider enabling them taking the right healthcare decision.

Registered User hereby agrees that the Content they access on the website in the form of reviews does not in any way constitute medical advice and that the responsibility for any act or omission by the User arising from the User’s interpretation of the posted reviews, is solely attributable to the User. The User agrees to absolve revU from and indemnify revU against all claims that may arise as a result of the User’s actions resulting from the User’s viewing of reviews on our website.

We reserve the right to enforce these Guidelines if we observe violations of them, or of applicable laws or regulations. The same applies if we observe behavior that we believe or suspect to be inappropriate.

Changes to these Guidelines

We at any time and without notice may make changes to these Guidelines. We will notify you about such changes via our Website. You agree that your continued use of the Website or our services after we have posted a new version of these Guidelines constitutes your acceptance of them.