Guidelines for registered users


These Terms of Use (the "Terms") govern your access to and use of our websites and emails ("revU"). These Terms also include our Privacy and Cookie Policy. By accessing and using revU, you agree to comply with these Terms. If you are using revU on behalf of a company or other legal entity, then "you" also means such company or legal entity and you agree to be bound by these Terms even if we have a separate agreement with you. You may not use revU if you do not agree to the version of the Terms posted on revu at the time you access RevU.

The terms "we" and "us" refer to: revU

Posting of review

A reviewer who has had a recent, authentic experience with your services can write a review about it. However, any person with a conflict of interest cannot post a review of the services provided by you. This includes, you, your assignees, employees or any related party. Further, you cannot review a competitor.

Please note that a review is owned by the person who writes it. They have the right to edit or delete their reviews. However, a review cannot be updated on the basis of any subsequent development in the course of events. You are recommended to refrain from pestering or giving any incentive to any reviewer to update the review.

Asking for reviews

Being a service provider, you have the right to ask for reviews. However, in those circumstances, you need to have a verified profile on revU. The invitation process and language should be fair, neutral and unbiased. No incentives by means of discounts, rewards, monetary benefits, points, coupons and bonuses should be offered.

Fake reviews/ unrecognizable reviewer

Fake reviews are not encouraged. You are refrained from writing or seeking fake reviews. revU has a strict zero tolerance policy towards fake reviews. In some circumstances, if you have received a review, you are unable to recognize or you are of the opinion that it is fake, you are requested to contact the team of revU or flag an issue for that review. We will look into it and verify the reviewer’s experience and take the appropriate action.

Community standards

You are expected to meet our community standards while interacting with any reviewer on our platform. Refrain from using harmful, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory or obscene language.

Private Information

You are advised not to use or post any sensitive or personal information. You have the option of verifying your profile wherein your official details are mentioned that is duly curated by you.

Factual disputes

RevU has a neutral stance and is in no position to determine who’s right and wrong, or which set of facts is correct. revU is a community that facilitates dialogue between healthcare providers and patients or their close family members.

If you disagree with one of its customers over the course of events, instead of asking to have that review amended or removed, you are recommended to write a reply to the review and put forth your facts.

However, revU does not remove a review just because you think it’s unfair, you don’t agree with its content. revU refrains from getting into disputes between the reviewer and the healthcare provider.

Defamatory content

Defamatory content is not tolerated on the revU’s platform. Any word or statement that is likely to cause serious harm to someone’s reputation or loss to a company’s reputation or financial loss to a business. If you have a verified profile, you can flag reviews that are defamatory or you can submit a claim with us. Without prejudice to the above, a negative review does not construe as defamatory.

Business profile

Since revU is a customer-based review platform, we pick details of healthcare providers that are available in public domain and are available to the general public. We aim to provide users a platform where they can express their views freely but reasonably on the experience, they had with you. If in case, the information provided by us that is collected through the information provided on public domain is incorrect, kindly contact us at the earliest on [enter email id] and we will rectify it. However, you are recommended to claim your profile. It is visible to us if your profile is verified or not. If the profile is claimed, your business will be able to engage with reviewers and reply to the reviews or report them, if inappropriate. Kindly note that creating verified business profile is completely free of cost.

Flagging of reviews

revU has implemented measures and deployed several technology methods and algorithm to moderate reviews and it also provides the power to the healthcare providers to flag any specific issues after claiming their profile on Your business account can be used to flag reviews and we only evaluate a review for a chosen reason. If a flagged review breaches our guidelines and the problem can be fixed, the reviewer will be given the opportunity to change it and review will be hidden in interim. If the problem isn’t resolved or it can’t be resolved, the review will stay offline.

These guidelines are just guiding principles and are to be read with our user policy and privacy policy. These guidelines are subject to be updated at any time.