We started with the sole objective to become the voice of people who have experienced healthcare services and wish to help the community based on their experiences. RevU is a leading review and rating platform dedicated to the healthcare industry. We aim to develop an independent currency of trust among patients and healthcare providers.

We're accessible to everyone and built on openness. We host verified reviews to help patients select a healthcar service with confidence and provide deep information to the healthcare providers to help them improve the services they deliver.

“The more patients that utilize our platform and express their thoughts, the richer the insights we provide to the healthcare providers and the more opportunity they have to earn the trust of consumers worldwide.”

History and Background

We embarked on this journey in 2021. revU took birth to better the connectivity between doctors and patients, help healthcare providers to build a strong presence and help the community make the right healthcare choices. The founders of revU are major players in the healthcare sector. They are also associated with a Global Health Company which is helping thousands by eliminating the problem of healthcare accessibility by bridging the cross-country gaps.

“We take the guesswork out of choosing the proper doctors, hospitals, and treatment for you and your family.
With revU choosing healthcare is more transparent. You can relax knowing that you and your family are receiving evidence-based, high-quality care that is most appropriate for you.”


We aim to elevate the quality of healthcare services with the help of reviews and ratings. Our platform is bridging cross-country borders by providing cumulative ratings and reviews of all the healthcare facilities around the globe in one place. We are looking at a future where ratings and public health reviews will improvise and enhance healthcare services for all.

Our vision is to enable better healthcare for all.
revU contributes significant value to everybody in the ecosystem by bringing the trusted and the
most genuine reviews.


To provide an opportunity for the health experiences to be heard and reach a community.


Reviews shared by reviewers are a great value add for seekers who are searching for better healthcare options and thus add tremendous value to the community

Healthcare providers

To ensure a positive reputation and direct interaction with the patients.

Features of revU

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profiles on the social
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Review Analysis
“Reviews are not a linear model but a wholesome cycle for providers”

What’s there for healthcare providers?

80% of patients from all age groups rely on online ratings and reviews before choosing
their healthcare provider. eviews Can:

Improve Communication

An excellent opportunity to understand patient expectations, implement them and get good patient output in return.

Enhance Hospital Patient Experience

Flexibility to adapt to changing healthcare requirements and trends to provide the highest level of care.

Create a strong Reputation

Acknowledging customer feedback is the best way to build a reputation. revU empowers healthcare providers to be heard and respond to the feedback that eventually helps them build their online reputation.

We help you connect with the best healthcare provider

Selecting the Best Doctor

Finding the correct healthcare entails concentrating on the aspects that can have an impact on your health. revU gives the most up-to-date, comprehensive information about doctors and hospitals in form of patient reviews and ratings, procedures they offer, conditions they have treated previously, providing you with a complete view of a provider's services & practice.

Authenticity and Reliability

We take reviews seriously. Only verified reviews make it to our platform and are available for all without any edits or moderations. We have many features in place to make the user journey smooth and easy to follow and to ensure reliability. We employ several algorithms and data points, including but not limited to IP addresses, user identification, device attributes and location data. When our software finds a plainly fraudulent review, the review is taken down.

Rating Factors one Should Know

There are numerous aspects to consider while selecting a healthcare provider. We provide information such as health ratings, wait times, cleanliness, doctor’s behavior among other things, to help patients feel confident in their decisions. Additionally, reviews demonstrate the experience & skills of a healthcare provider first hand allowing you to identify a doctor with the right expertise for your specific needs.

Building Trust Worldwide

Unfortunately, fake reviews and deceitful behavior are common on the internet. We have processes and rules in place to protect our community of patients and healthcare providers, as well as to prevent misinformation from spreading on revU. Eliminating fake reviews is building trust in the community of healthcare.

Review & Feedback Matters

Research shows that more than half of the patients go out of their way to a hospital with good reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings make it easy to compare healthcare facilities. This is one of the most effective ways to learn about a patient's experience. Patient feedback has the potential to change the healthcare system worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions

RevU is a leading review and rating platform dedicated to the healthcare industry. A platform accessible to everyone and built on openness. You can find verified reviews about healthcare services and detailed information about healthcare providers on revU. On the other hand, a healthcare provider can get insights into the areas of their services that need improvement. This platform is developing an independent currency of trust among patients and healthcare providers.

You can simply search in the ‘Search Providers’ search bar of the revU. If you are unable to find your doctor through the search bar, you can list your provider and then leave your review. The process is simple and hassle-free. It involves:

  • Search non-existing providers, list them and write a review.
  • The provider’s profile is listed on the platform after verification by the admin along with your review.

You can share your experience with any doctor or a hospital by simply writing about it on online review and rating platforms. One such platform is revU which is completely dedicated to the healthcare industry, connecting patients, doctors and other healthcare providers. On revU you can rate your experience with a provider on factors like:

  • Right Medication & Explanation
  • Doctor Kindness & Friendliness
  • Patiently Listen to Problem
Furthermore, you will also get the option to share your reviews directly to your social media pages/profiles.

No, your reviews will not get deleted if you are writing something negative about any healthcare provider. You can write about an unpleasant health experience. Each review posted on revU is verified using several algorithms and data points, including IP addresses, user identification, device attributes, location data, timestamps, sentiment analysis and many other checks.

  • When our software finds a plainly fraudulent review, the review is taken down and an email is sent to the reviewer with the reason for bringing it down.
  • In case the review is clearly advertising or promotional content, It is also considered a fake review and is immediately removed.
  • By rolling out an email, we provide a chance for the reviewer to prove their authenticity within a stipulated time period. If the review is identified as real, it is made available again on the platform.
  • Being an open platform for everyone also entails allowing the healthcare providers to flag a review if it violates their brand image and appears to be inauthentic.
  • Our Content Integrity Team examines each reported review and, if it violates the guidelines, takes appropriate action.
  • Except for content tagged as "harmful or illegal," which is taken down immediately to protect the public and comply with regulations, flagged reviews remain online while these are being investigated.

You can share your health experiences on revU whenever you have an encounter with a doctor or any other healthcare service provider. You will have to register with a valid email address to verify your details before writing your feedback.

When you visit revU, you can find various doctor specialities on the homepage. Furthermore, for your convenience, you can apply the filter and sort out doctors based on procedure, condition or country of your need. To specify and narrow down this search, a filter to sort the list of healthcare providers city-wise can also be applied.

Anyone from around the world who has gone through a healthcare experience can join the community of revU and enrich the platform by posting their valuable reviews.

  1. All the reviewers are asked to log in/register themselves with healthrevu.com through their email address, Facebook or Google account in order to become an active part of revU.
  2. After completing the registration you can find your healthcare provider and drop feedback for them.
  3. If you are unable to find your doctor, you can list your provider and then leave your review.

There are two ways of getting listed as a healthcare provider on revU.

  1. A provider can register themselves with a valid email id and create their own profile.
  2. A reviewer can register themselves with a valid email id and list the healthcare provider who is not already listed on the platform.
Both the ways go through the verification process and are vetted by our system.

On revU, the healthcare providers are rated on various parameters including

  • Willingness in Answering Queries
  • Overall Experience on Visit
  • Right Medication & Explanation
  • Doctor Kindness & Friendliness
  • Patiently Listen to Problem
  • Delivery Timeliness
You can easily compare providers based on these specific parameters. Or you can check and compare on the basis of the overall rating of a provider to find the most suitable physician for your condition. Furthermore, reading a few reviews about a provider can help you get even deeper insights into their practice and help you to make the right choice.

Yes, revU has made it easy to manage reviews and respond to them. When a customer leaves a new review on a claimed provider profile, the provider will receive an email notification. Providers will get many other benefits after they claim their profile on revU.

Yes, a healthcare provider is allowed to reply to the reviews posted on their profile only after they claim their profile. It is essential to get to know your customers and demonstrate that you care about their experiences by listening to them. Responding to patients can help fix their concerns, express gratitude, and strengthen your relationship with them. With our Claim profile feature, it is also easy to keep a track of other analytics and stay ahead with your patients.

If you wish to claim a profile on revU, you can simply search for your profile page and find the option “Claim Profile” The process is simple & hassle-free but it involves a strict verification process to approve the claim. It involves:

  • Going to the provider page that you want to claim and click on “Claim Profile” (if there isn’t one, you can create your profile)
  • You will receive a pop-up message regarding our strict verification process, click “YES”
  • You will be redirected to a page where you are required to fill out a few personal details. It is strongly suggested to use the email address that is linked to your healthcare practice.
  • Now you will receive a login link after proper verification, vetting and analysis.
  • You will be redirected to a dashboard after secure login.
  • A dashboard is like a control panel where all of the data can be managed from a single focal point.

As a healthcare provider you are always welcomed to create your healthcare service profile page and share it publicly on any social platform to increase your visibility. Steps for registering at HealthRevU platform are:

  • Search your profile to confirm that no duplicate profile is existing
  • On searching if the profile doesn’t exist you will get an option to list it as provider else you can click the tab “For Healthcare Provider” running at the header to register a profile.
  • 1st step of registration is to verify your email address
  • Once you verify your email id you will be directly redirected to fill a profile form where you have to add your basic details (mainly contact details)
  • The next step is followed by adding about yourself, your services and your open visiting hours.
  • Once you have completed then we will receive a request to approve your details and you will be redirected to your dashboard
  • After internal verification by our experts your profile will go live with in 24 - 48 hrs

No, revU doesn’t recommend any doctor for any disease or condition. It is an open and unbiased platform where the community can connect and read real-life healthcare experiences and feedback of patients who have gone through some treatment. Based on the reviews that are posted by patients from around the world, a prospecting patient can get deep insights into a practice or a healthcare provider and make informed choices.